Sécurité civile Landry
Sécurité civile Landry







Jean-Nicolas Landry,


has 25 years’ experience in the pre-hospital sector of the health network, focusing exclusively for the last 13 years on emergency measures and preparedness. He has carried out mega-projects such as “a contingency plan for a work conflict, an evacuation plan for communication centres, pandemic response plans (SRAS and influenza), response plans (general and terrorism) and a complete training program and exercises.” Mr. Landry was a member of the Comité Aviseur Anti Terrorisme de Montréal (CAAM) from 1998 to 2004. During the last four years, he has carried out mandates for federal, provincial, municipal and private organizations.






Suzanne Tremblay,


is responsible for the administrative and financial aspects of the company. She also profitably employs her thirty-some years’ experience in office automation sector to oversee the clerical section and provide support to the team members. Mrs. Tremblay is recognized for her discretion, her professionalism and her efficiency.






René Amyot,


possesses 26 years’ experience as a paramedic and five years’ experience with a safety preparedness organization. Combining experience as a hazardous materials handling instructor in Alberta, a cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first-aid instructor, and an instructor on the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), he has just completed his second year at UQAM towards an advanced graduate diploma in Major Risk Management. Mr. Amyot collaborates on the development of emergency preparedness plans, specific response plans and training and exercises. Through his extensive expertise, he has acquired a good understanding of operational realities, an invaluable element for the development of functional plans.


We call upon a network of highly qualified professionals in various disciplines who can provide complementary expertise, as required or on a regular basis, to better meet the specific needs of our mandates.


The partners with whom we do business share our business philosophy: effective listening, willingness to adapt products to the real needs of our client, and recognized professionalism. Consequently, they ensure the delivery of quality content based on the best practices in the sector concerned.

In short, we never impose working methods or tools that do not specifically meet the user’s needs.


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